Mike the Mellow (neckapb) wrote in prettythings_ru,
Mike the Mellow

R.I.P. Peter Tolson (1951 - 2016)


Ugly Things Magazine сообщает:
"I'm very sad to report the death of Peter Tolson. He joined the Pretty Things in 1970 just after they'd completed the Parachute album, and was with the band throughout the 1970s and into the early '80s, playing on the albums Freeway Madness, Silk Torpedo, Savage Eye and Crosstalk. He was a superbly gifted lead guitarist, but also an eccentric loner with zero tolerance for bullshit or bluster. In 1978 he was invited to join the Scorpions, a lucrative gig at the time -- and he needed the money badly (the Pretty Things had broken up for a few years) -- but after flying to Germany and hearing their music he put his guitar back in its case and went straight home complaining that it was "shit." A man of integrity... R.I.P. Peter Tolson."
"Rain" с трехминутным соло Питера Толсона, телесъёмка 1971 года. Здесь ему 20 лет.

"Sickle Clowns", съемка 2012 года. Последнее музыкальное видео с участием Питера Толсона.
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